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From Twitter 05-07-2011

  • 10:52:24: I just polished the kettle. I AM A PROCRASTINATION Queeeen !
  • 16:45:03: Local tv news told me to go to thier facebook page for updates on an armed seige in news catchment area. Wtf ? What the fresh hell is this?
  • 16:50:46: RT @GeekSyndicate: digital version of Fallen Heroes #1 free today,go get! http://bit.ly/dGcAW8 now you have no excuse not to share the shiny
  • 18:33:49: RT @Cavalorn: Little kid in gas mask to floaty siren: 'Are you my plot?' #doctorwho
  • 18:34:15: RT @Cavalorn: Romp romp rompy romp someone dies never mind rompy rompy romp
  • 18:48:02: No spoilers but did anyone else (apart from me) notice the MAJOR continuity screw up in tonights Dr who?
  • 21:48:30: RT @sophwarnes: Best headline *ever*? http://twitpic.com/4up4bn
  • 23:26:48: RT @7Stories: Children's authors rail against Michael Gove's reading lists
    via @guardian
  • 23:33:48: #askthenuge 1) unlimited budget 2) u can make any comic into a film that has not already been done what would you pick (not fallen heroes)?
  • 23:39:27: Saw fringe season finale. Uhm wtf ? May have to abandon everyhing jj abrhams touches from now on :s

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