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Nineworlds is a All flavours Geek convention in London I attend. So far I've not missed any and I'm proud to have been one to the Kickstarter backers who enabled the first event to happen.

This year (2018) the event takes place on August 10th-12th 2018 and as it's a residential three day convention the hosting hotel is Novotel London West.

This is the third year that the convention will be held at Novotel London West, which in my opinion is a good thing, because it's not a perfect venue (nowhere is), but it is a vast improvement on the previous convention locations and especially the previous convention hotels.

Now, the phrase 'Geek Convention' is kind of nebulous and may conjure up images of something huge like San Diego Comic-Con or MCM London, or something small like a local university Geek meet, but in all my (limited but varied) years of attending Geek gatherings where you pay to be in a Geek space, nothing else is quite like Nineworlds.

Firstly it's unashamedly a Queer friendly space.
Secondly it's also fiercely inclusive.

I've only ever attended Geek events in the UK, but in my experience (until recently) inclusiveness has been a afterthought if considered at all for most conventions - aside from what they are required to do by law - having disabled toilets is one example.

Nineworlds strives to remain as inclusive possible, despite the fact that being so probably reduces or caps it's audience reach. Catering to the majority is how you make money, thinking about the minority fringe/edge cases is how you create intense loyalty but doesn't always scale.

So what is Nineworlds?

From thier own 'About Pages':

From August 10th-12th 2018 at Novotel London West, join us for three days and nights of discussion, workshops, activities, performances and DJ sets. Meet with creators, fans and academics of your favourite books, films, TV shows, games, and comics. Explore cosplay, crafts, sciences, humanities, and the culture and creativity that underlie them all. Take home new insight, new connections, and new swag from our geek-friendly vendors.

Our venue for 2018 is a large conference hotel with a special price on convention rooms, lots of spaces for content, hundreds of things to explore and experience, and over a thousand fellow adventurers.

But it's sooo much more than "discussion, workshops, activities, performances and DJ sets". It's:
  • A yearly gathering of friends who speak my Geek language.
  • Attended by people who respect each other's pronoun choices.
  • A space where I can use the phrase 'I've run out of spoons' and not have to explain it.
  • A space where I can talk to practically anyone about any geek thing, and we will have the shared understanding that you can critique something you love. All Your Favs are Problematic is not a judgement.
  • A convention that realizes that a having a dedicated member of the organising team be Accessibility Coordinator is crucial to making sure attendees accessibility concerns are addressed,
  • A space that acknowledges that a dedicated Quiet room is a mental health necessity for some people attending conventions,
  • A convention that realises that a clear, and actionable Anti Harassment policy is also a necessity for some people attending conventions.
  • A place that I can attend a Disco that caters to pretty much all types of music you can dance to, whilst also being able to dance whilst Cosplaying.
  • A convention run by and for volunteers who are helpful, approachable and beyond knowledgeable about Geek things.
  • A convention where you are guaranteed to be overwhelmed at the sheer choice of things to do each day.
  • A convention that solicits feedback, is transparent about what feedback they received and strives to take action on what attendees have said.
  • A convention that has personal interaction options baked in via the colour of lanyard/convention badge!
  • A convention that has photo privacy options baked in via the colour of lanyard/convention badge!
  • A convention that has a dedicated vendor space for mainstream and independent vendors (I've met some of my favourite Etsy vendors there)
I have been part of two panels at previous Nineworlds - both of which I co-hosted - and I would never even consider being on a panel at any other Geek convention in the UK.  As an anxious person, just the idea of presenting to a room full of people is exhausting. Add to that the idea that I might be discussing things which personally mean a great deal to me, then I NOPE out of that idea so fast, I leave a me shaped dust cloud behind as I skedaddle.

I'm not a volunteer, simply an attendee but I'm so grateful that so many people give up their precious time and resources to make Nineworlds happen every year.

Every year I have so much fun, make new friends, learn new things, am exposed to new things to love, learn new things about myself, new ways to think about Geekdom and world media, it's a full on mind-rush.

It's the closest I have to a real world Geek space, and it's not perfect, I don't need it to be  - nothing is.

I am fracking glad it exists though.

If you're interested in attending Nineworlds this year - and I strongly urge you to if you can afford it - day tickets are available you don't have to splash out for a full weekend - The full FAQ should answer any questions you have.

Ninewolds holds a special place in my heart, and it will only exist for as long as people attend and also get involved. Remember it's run for fans of everything by fans of pretty much everything.

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Today is just a collection of some random fictions / drabbles / excerpts that never really went anywhere.

Drabbles and bits:

Untitled not-quite Drabble-thing #1 July 2010

The days had long since bled into each other, but she knew she was  running out of time.
Low supplies, an almost persistent gnawing thirst, and no map, meant she was either running in circles or close enough that one more day and she would reach sanctuary.

Her biggest barrier? The Guardians between her and the Sleepers wall. Higher than she had ever seen, but no less dangerous in their sunset state.

She decided to run, The Guardians should spot her as a non-sleeper and rescue her. If no rescue, well there were worse things than dying of dehydration.


Untitled not-quite Drabble - thing #2 Date Unknown

The night before the the eclipse the world was normal, and we all took it for granted.
The morning after we didn't remember what normal was.
It only seems to affect personal information.
I can write, and don't struggle with pen and paper, but am entirely not sure if this is where I live. It's merely where I woke up. My mobile keeps ringing but as I don't know the unlock code I'm unable to answer it, at least I assume it's mine.
A little girl wandered in recently and hugged me. Around 4 or 5 she says I might be her Daddy and I wish I knew if that were true.
It might not be so bad if people hadn't become so used to password locking nearly every gadget, and padlocking nearly everything else.
We lost our collective memory, and now everyone has to figure out how to reinvent themselves, without access to any of the keys.


The Misunderstanding

It wasn’t what she thought it was.
Well, it was what she thought it was, but not what it looked like.
Well, actually, it was exactly what it looked like, but not for the reasons she thought.
Uhm.. perhaps I should start at the beginning.
Jayne was a whirlwind personality. Everything about her was a force of nature, She was breathtakingly unique and subverted every assumption everyone ever made about her. Even her name, which should have been so conventional, was spelt in a way which made her stand out.
If  a movie were ever made of my life I would be depicted as meeting Jayne in a some painfully meterosexual nightclub. Somewhere so head - splittingly on the cusp of the ‘now’ that it had to close for one week in every five for complete refurbishment.
The truth, as it normally is, was much more mundane than that. It all started with a carton of a dozen eggs.

Hating Ringtones: August 2008

Jeanine hated novelty ring-tones at the best of times. This one had been ringing for around fifteen minutes. It was slowly driving her to breaking point
“I hate novelty ring tones.”
“Wha?”  Elise dislodged the white ear-bud from her right ear and continued to apply nail varnish with a practised flourish.
“What are you on About?”
“That phone! It’s been ringing on and off for at least fifteen minutes. Someone must have left it in the toilet”
“I can’t hear nuffink”. The company Elise was temping for had gone into receivership. As a result she mostly had to buzz in the odd auditor. Her desk phone never rang.
“If it bothers you that much go and find it. Give it into lost property. Make it their problem.” Shrugging, she replaced her ear-bud.
Jeanine put her desk phone into standby mode and sauntered off towards the toilets. After the first two cubicles proved empty, Jeanine opened the final cubicle door to find squirming on the closed toilet lid the smallest, pinkest, loudest, and worryingly the most naked baby she’d ever seen.

Shocked,  she scampered backwards, causing the flimsy hinged on the cubicle door to give way dropping her with a bone jarring crunch onto the bathroom floor.

The baby, unheeded, continued to wail.

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 12:56am on 02/04/2018 under ,
And right from the start I’m going to cheat, even if I’m only cheating against made up rules in my own head.  So it goes.

 Because I am rapidly running out of time (before n=midnight) and brain capacity I’ve decided that my first entry for Campnano to hit (and hopefully maintain) my daily minimum requirement of 500 words per day for the entire month is going to be a list of things I hope to cover over the entire month of doing Campnano. My reasoning is that the list will be a handy reminder of topics should I ever have utter brain freeze - it’s unlikely but not impossible.

Although the titles will most likely change, the substantive content that the titles refer to probably won’t.
  • Why Nineworlds is not like Other conventions
  • Nineworlds personal highlights
  • Cosplaying and personal politics
  • Why Nostalgia is addictive
  • Geek gatekeepers (and why they should fuck off)
  • Facebook
  • Modern Day Privacy
  • Brexit
  • Reboots
  • Separating the Artist from their Art
  • The MCU, the good the bad, the astounding and the most Ugly
  • The Avengers Initiative
  • DC should stop giving film projects to creators who don’t understand the studio IP
  • Modern Fandom
  • Video Fanparodies
  • My Nineworlds Talks/Presentations
  • Why I no longer go to MCM London
  • The Marvelous ball of complications that is Harley Quinn
  • Drabbles
  • Social Media and what it (might) be doing to all our brains
  • Steampunk - Fruit of the poison Tree?
  • Bitch Planet - A Review
  • Micro Lending and why it’s probably no better than standard Charity Donations
  • A single use tool - My Alphasmart Neo
  • Old Technology and why it’s not always better
  • Walled Gardens, Locked Log-in membership and Picking who gets to screw you over (Apple vs Google vs Microsoft)
  • Dyscalculia - a day in the life
  • Monument Valley and excellence in mobile gaming
  • Where are all the non violent games?
  • Games journalism and listicals
  • Tech journalism and listicals
  • Whose platform am I supporting? - The Mary Sue weblog and the Scientology advert.
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube and the problem of the usual suspect The White Guy talking head
  • Geeksyndicate is unlike other geek blogs
  • Critical Role and the resurgence of Tabletop gaming.
  • Celebrity Deaths in the modern age
  • Video Game movie Adaptations - why?
  • The Power of Dolls
  • The Modern Comic book Landscape (no, not Marvel nor DC)
  • TV: From Cultural glue to reinforcer of Bubbles
  • Fucking Game of Thrones - and all it has spawned
  • What even is modern reading anymore?
  • Technology and Identity - or why leaving the Mac Ecosystem is making me depressed.
  • Jugglers, Carpenters, Computer Geeks and the curious wars that happen in niche groupings
  • Trash TV and why I love it.
  • It’s all about the Vampires
  • Blinded by love - or excuses we often make to protect the things we geek over : White Wolf
  • Web comics I read
  • Why I fell out of Love with Supernatural
  • Who exactly constitutes a Disney Princess Now?
  • Disney animation is eating itself.
  • The Disneyification of classical fairytales and myths
  • Disney Defilers - Rule 34 Fanart and why some people want to corrupt all innocence everywhere
  • Your Fanart is wrong
  • Blackface. Just. No.
  • What happened to the fandom arts?  (the commodification of fandom and what that says about us as consumers - especially relating to Jaynes Hat and the Doctor’s scarf)
  • The Resurgence of Coffee Table Book format for Geeks.
  • Kickstarter: The return to Arts Patronage
  • Bujo’s Filofaxes and stationary porn.
  • Hamilton
That should keep me going for a while

[edited to correct a typo and also to add word count!]

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Target 15,00 words for the month
So daily target is 500 words
Below should be a word meter

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Doctor Who Cubed.  

"Once upon Space and Time...."

#Whodice Icons and text

#Whodice story cube/dice icons

 #WhoDice Text Only

How to take part: 
1: Look at the picture of the story cubes
2: Create some text that tells a Doctor Who story that includes all nine elements in any combination you wish
3: Share the result by March 31st 2017
4: You're done!
- - -
1. You must include all nine elements presented by the icons on the story cubes (aka dice)
2. Have fun
3. There is no wrong way to engage in this, as long as it's words
4. Please share your output
5. Please share your output by March 31st 2017 - Apologies I have to have an endpoint.
    Please comment here or on my Twitter account @faintdreams with the hashtag #Whodice so I can add a link to the results post here, and also let other people see what you wrote.
    Sharing is part of the fun.
6. Have fun. Yes this is rules 2 and 6, because it is the most important rule. 

- - -
Potential Questions:
Q: Why?
A: I was gifted some Doctor Who Story cubes, and needed a reason to not only use them, but put the results online for others to see.

[ I am in no way associated with Story Cubes, nor BBC, nor Doctor Who, nor any of the copyright nor intellectual property holders of any of the aforementioned trademarks/copyright/properties ]

Q: Is this a competition? Is there a prize?
A: No and No. This is not a competition, this is just a writing exercise, inspiration pot, piece of fun.  
There are no prizes other than having the joy of having written something your very own, based on Doctor Who.

Q: Can I take part?
A: Definitely. Just please leave a comment, with a link to your words,  here or on my Twitter account @faintdreams with the hashtag #DrCube so I can add a link to the results blog here, and also let other people see what you wrote.

Q: What do the individual icons mean? 
A: Each dice icon is entirely up to interpretation. The game creators did this deliberately.

From The Story Cubes Website:*

"We get asked for definitions of icons every day - but their meanings are intentionally open, in order to trigger multiple associations. For example the castle can be (literal) castle, or it can refer to a princess, or to someone who is behaving in a  guarded way"

"The 'Master' could be an evil mastermind or a (maniacal) scientist, the 'Dalek' might become a robot servant!  The 'laurel wreath' icon could be a crown worn by a Roman (or Galactic) Emperor: it could also represent a wreath for the dead, or a reward for heroism. You don't find  a Doctor or Companion icon in the set. It is assumed  they will appear in your story - " But they don't have to!

Q: What format should my participation be in?
A: Anything that involves words. This includes - but is not limited to:
A drabble, a poem, a haiku, a screenplay, a brief synopsis,  a short story, a long story, a picture of something you've written, a tweet, a tumblr post, an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) post, A Dream Width post, An [insert your social media of choice] post, your own blog site.  Just make sure it's words. No art, video, puppetry,  audio, or anything that isn't words. Just words.  
Also if you do create an post in a language other than English (please do) please also provide an English translation. Unfortunately I only speak /write/understand English

Q: Why Just Words?
A: This is a writing prompt thang, for fun. Keyword- Writing

Q: Are there any other rules I should be aware of?
A: Nope.  The only limits on your story are the cube icons, and your imagination. Any Doctor, Any Time, Any Space, Any companion, any combination thereof. Have fun. 

[ Please note: I am in no way associated with StoryCubes, nor the BBC, nor Doctor Who, nor any of the copyright nor intellectual property holders of any of the aforementioned trademarks / copyright / properties ]
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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 16/05/2011

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 15/05/2011

  • 09:52:34: Attack the Block: positive reviews from both Heat and Wired. Must be doing something very right to entertain such divergent demographics.
  • 09:57:34: RT @settern: The people worth knowing are the ones that make you want to change your life for the better.

    (And I have been very lucky t ...
  • 09:59:42: RT @RobertFischer: Dance like nobody's watching. Love like you've never been hurt. Develop software like the end user has your home address.
  • 10:08:45: Is it just me or does Glee take every song featured and just completely reduce and gentrify it? Do they have song soul-removal templates?
  • 10:53:13: What is the best android phone i can ger for £60? dont actually need phone functionality just need a hardware test device with the o/s
  • 16:57:04: Bah thought dr was on at 6. But its 6.30. I rushed me dinner!
  • 18:17:10: RT @Look2011: A photographer is a person with a camera and open mind. A photographic artist is the same but with a grant. #look11 #nps3
  • 18:25:06: Tv tonight: quite exceptionally yummy I thought.
  • 18:34:35: Tonight was the first time that I actually bought Matt Smith's portrayal of the Dr.
  • 19:40:06: just had to delete a tweet it was so full of typos it was almost indecipherable.
  • 19:41:00: Am all alone in the house tonight. Suddenly it just hit me WALLOP - Huge does of loneliness :S
  • 19:41:24: I think euroovision is causing the fil whale to rear it's ugly head on twitter ..?
  • 20:39:35: I think perhaps I take my tv too seriously, and I should unplug it all together :S
  • 20:44:50: I am not watching eurovision but the commentry tweets from @felinefeminist and @jamesmoran are very gigglesome
  • 21:16:08: Digital dissonance, bought comic via iTouch, iss 1/3. Now find Digital pub house went bust, so now can ONLY buy iss 2/3 as digital dwnlds.,
  • 21:16:32: But the free issue one made me want to buy all of them in real life paper format - doh!
  • 21:17:14: That's DC (well an imprint) being ejits and letting me preview an item I can never actually buy. FFS.

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 14/05/2011

  • 07:12:55: RT @solobasssteve: New album out 5 days early! Listen/buy at http://stevelawson.net (plz feel free to RT if you're so inclined) #11Reasons
  • 21:45:23: So hearing the new single from lady gaga on Graham Norton. Is it jut me or is it not a very good song?

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:01am on 12/05/2011

  • 07:12:31: RT @adamcurry: Skynet. It's here. http://my.butt.org/9kyz
  • 08:54:35: RT @AndrewTerry: RT @mikkohypponen: English website of #Pravda newspaper hacked, spreading malware. Do not visit english dot pravda dot ...
  • 23:28:23: RT @NoSecondNight: Amazing how people have to be convinced that someone sleeping rough is an emergency. I bet if it were them it would f ...

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 10/05/2011

  • 16:28:44: RT @emercoleman: I've posted TfL position on Barclays Cyle Hire app here http://bit.ly/iWuutt @adrianshort @osbornec @tobybarnes @smithsam
  • 18:07:41: Noggin the nog on bbc4 tonight at 7.30. Ahh good memories. Also probably why I can never quite trust a man with moustache.
  • 18:54:29: Sarah janes red dungarees were the cutest assistant outfit evah !
  • 20:30:42: Am inhumanely tired.
  • 20:31:51: so I have a board-band connection yet 20.2 MB of skype installer is going to take 1 hour and 45 min to download - Am i back in the 1980's?
  • 20:56:12: wow the new skype UI for mac is FUGLY! Also Frikkin HUWAGE. OVeruse of whitespace much?

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:01am on 09/05/2011

  • 08:53:18: RT @neilhimself: I love this #8in8 video for Because the Origami. Love love love. http://bit.ly/jo7rln (via @BenJJacobson) @BenFolds @am ...
  • 09:24:34: RT @extensionofbob: 10 Help Wanted signs from workplaces potentially more insane than yours. http://t.co/qrODOcG via @someecards
  • 09:30:32: RT @jamesmoran: For any who missed it yesterday, a handy song explaining how to not like stuff: http://is.gd/1dWnLT
  • 09:35:28: Mainstream media clueless about geek shows as usual. Fracking confuses IT Crowd with The Big Bang! Chris morris must be livid. Or giggling.
  • 13:46:45: RT @bsletten: For @kkjordan: RT @JessicaGottlieb What if Male Superheroes Had Costumes Like Women? http://post.ly/20NU7
  • 13:50:19: What the ..! Apparently Bladerunner reboot wil be directed by Michael Bay. Dir of the *excellant* Transformers 1/2/3 film series. I despair.
  • 13:52:31: Just think about a Michael Bay Bladerunner. It will have ADDED EXPLOSIONS for no reason and a plot mere atoms deep. Nay, a nano thin plot.
  • 16:53:56: RT @thefworduk: Domestic violence courts face closure in ConDem cuts: One in six specialist domestic violence courts will ... http://tin ...
  • 17:57:52: RT @themanwhofell: Eventually Stewart Lee's show will only consist of a blank screen with 30 minutes of him doing a voiceover explaining ...
  • 18:03:07: It always confuses me that in the US they celebrate mothers day today, and in the UK it was last month ! Or am i wrong ?

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  • 10:52:24: I just polished the kettle. I AM A PROCRASTINATION Queeeen !
  • 16:45:03: Local tv news told me to go to thier facebook page for updates on an armed seige in news catchment area. Wtf ? What the fresh hell is this?
  • 16:50:46: RT @GeekSyndicate: digital version of Fallen Heroes #1 free today,go get! http://bit.ly/dGcAW8 now you have no excuse not to share the shiny
  • 18:33:49: RT @Cavalorn: Little kid in gas mask to floaty siren: 'Are you my plot?' #doctorwho
  • 18:34:15: RT @Cavalorn: Romp romp rompy romp someone dies never mind rompy rompy romp
  • 18:48:02: No spoilers but did anyone else (apart from me) notice the MAJOR continuity screw up in tonights Dr who?
  • 21:48:30: RT @sophwarnes: Best headline *ever*? http://twitpic.com/4up4bn
  • 23:26:48: RT @7Stories: Children's authors rail against Michael Gove's reading lists
    via @guardian
  • 23:33:48: #askthenuge 1) unlimited budget 2) u can make any comic into a film that has not already been done what would you pick (not fallen heroes)?
  • 23:39:27: Saw fringe season finale. Uhm wtf ? May have to abandon everyhing jj abrhams touches from now on :s

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 07/05/2011

  • 08:29:47: RT @hopenothate: I can now confirm that all 4 BNP councillors have lost in Stoke-on-Trent. With 9 just over a year ago BNP have 0 left.
  • 08:40:56: RT @feliciaday: This is why the internet exists: http://animalswithstuffedanimals.com/ (via @kiala)
  • 10:00:02: RT @DarrenGoldsmith: RT @ScottKAndrews New post - Of Agents and Angles - http://j.mp/j47lKD - please RT coz am seeking comments on this ...
  • 10:45:54: web design question: Is it CSS set width restrictions that stop sites such as BBC news filling the whole width of my 22 inch monitor?
  • 10:54:02: As a reader who wants to PAY for ebooks, but NOT VIA DRM'd KINDLE AMAZON ROUTE, I am am becoming increasingly frustrated :C
  • 13:44:04: RT @girlonetrack: How to make a sysadmin snap with a single sentence: http://bit.ly/kljeeQ
  • 20:24:06: RT @ampgt: every time someone makes a programming tool for people who can't program, you get programs written by people who can't program

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 05/05/2011

  • 10:35:02: New Wired article talks about 170 Android capable apps vs iOS 7 capable apps like it's a GOOD thing. Have they not heard of fragmentation?
  • 23:31:08: RT @DoctorLongscarf: Know why it's better to be a Time Lord than a Jedi? It's never a Long Time Ago and nothing is ever Far, Far Away. # ...

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  • 00:31:26: RT @JackieKessler: Yes, LOST BOYS 3: THE THIRST. Seriously. http://bit.ly/939VMr don't say you weren't warned. Tragic
  • 00:37:49: Why hello simultaneous hip pain and toothache. Goodbye sleep :(
  • 09:08:37: RT @Documentally: Looks like SSD drives should will teach us lots about backing up... http://bit.ly/jdKjwz
  • 11:04:51: HINT: if you launch a product that ALL GEEKS will want, it's best to have it available and publish a PRICE. Evonmouse: http://bit.ly/m1o7Ib
  • 11:25:08: ::Facepalm:: An academic journal secretary, replied to my subscription enquiry email using 10 point COMIC SANS FONT. Dear Lord :S
  • 11:58:20: whom do I follow who also has an identi.ca account please? Also is there an easy way to crosspost with twitter and identi.ca ??
  • 12:35:34: right ttfn ppl, words to wrangle
  • 12:36:47: Hello hivemind, I've got a new identica account, if you have one too, I'd feel less of a-billy-no-mates if you subscribe to me :D
  • 13:31:18: X-Men: First Class Official International Trailer http://bit.ly/lLWy3N Ok. I am officially interested now :)
  • 14:05:11: Fail to see how 'movers & shakers' at Wired Uk conference are worth more than a £ grand per attendee ticket! Is this new UK Silicon Valley?
  • 14:05:34: RT @AndrewTerry: so, is everyone looking forward using Blackberry Messenger on their Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia handset...?
  • 14:06:14: There is a fried egg and chips in my IMMEDIATE future :P
  • 17:50:35: RT @DaveGorman: Cubes of jelly being dropped onto a hard surface, filmed by a high speed camera-> http://bit.ly/ltos3N Strangely beau ...
  • 20:00:07: RT @helenic: OMG, this is awesome, helpful and quite revealing: respective timelines of River Song and the Doctor so far http://i.imgur. ...
  • 20:08:02: pokes @voidspace .. :D RT@FragDolls: Guide for parents on how to #geek out your little mini me's http://ubi.li/WTdWU

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 03/05/2011

  • 09:15:23: RT @T_Humphrey34: If I see any of my friends in some shape-ups, Nike/Jordan Heels, or some Jellies.. I will trip you; take your shoes n ...
  • 09:22:09: RT @nickbilton: Epic Fox News typo on Osama Bin Laden death (read the name): http://t.co/YaL7z5l
  • 09:23:12: RT @johannhari101: I'm in Times Square. The guy selling US flags for $25 is an Afghan refugee. #intriguingironies
  • 09:33:55: RT @pud: Wow, guy unknowingly live-tweets Osama raid http://t.co/WDQK8zc
  • 09:37:23: Am a bit stunned at Osama B news this morning. Unsure what the rippling repercussions will be worldwide.
  • 10:59:11: RT @DaveGorman: Wisdom RT--> @EricFidler: Remember on Sept 12, 2001 when you saw people in some places abroad celebrating death? Exac ...
  • 19:32:45: Hivemind have you had a root canal and on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being most painful, how painful was immediate aftermath?

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 02/05/2011

  • 10:43:08: bwahahahahaha ! Schrodinger's Zygote ! LOL!
  • 11:58:51: OMFG. Went to a guitar teachers website and it had autoplaying FORCED music in the browser. Did I fall in a time-hole back to the 1990's??
  • 12:14:50: Useful - Stolen Camera finder software (needs Firefox or chrome to work) http://bit.ly/jBaBXH Finds pics online
  • 13:14:45: RT @DailyQuail: Man arrested by Met for being in a place and having a credit card. Seriously. http://bit.ly/kfD0Xb via @beng / @safilpope

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posted by [personal profile] faintdreams at 04:00am on 01/05/2011

  • 09:40:30: RT @AdviceToWriters: 40 Literary Terms Every Bookworm Should Know: http://bit.ly/ixbv0W #reading #writing
  • 14:38:06: RT @marcusbrig: Anybody want a K2 spitfire (wide) snowboard with Flow bindings? It's a perfect beginners board steady as a table top. Fr ...
  • 14:39:11: RT @allisonkilkenny: Wanted: Any Youtube comment thread that doesn't devolve into an ugly, racist screamfest.
  • 14:45:43: RT @jonsnowC4: So Twitter may be the best place to air the names of other Super Injunction personages..prepare to make deductions.
  • 14:49:12: Wha?? TomTom admit selling user route plans to the police! http://on.ft.com/ij2vcd
  • 19:31:06: spoiler free dr who comment - For the love of all things televisual someone please make Mark Sheppard a lead in his own genre show ! dammit!

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